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We celebrated our 30 year anniversary in 2021! 1991 was our first year operating on the streets of Big Bear Lake, California, officially registered as Victoria Park Carriages Ltd. We'd been training our horses and acquiring permits in the few months leading up to that time. Michael, the owner, raised his daughters through this business.


One of the most rewarding aspects of our business is the opportunity to meet people from literally all over the world! Thank you for supporting us and our family.


We've had some thirty horses over the years for our company, English Shires, Belgians, Percherons, and Clydesdales. We currently have six horses on our ranch here in Big Bear Valley, Eddie is a Clydesdale, Jacques, Jake, and Moose are grey Percherons, and Beau is a black Percheron. Eddie was a show horse for four years and part of a number of blue ribbon teams. Jake was in training to go to the Percheron World Congress show, and would certainly have been a winner there had he gone on to compete.


We acquired four of our Clydesdales over the years from Budweiser, Jody worked in the Sea World hitch, and Big Mac was part of the Grant's Farm hitch. Jody and Stryker were part of several Budweiser commercials before they came to us, most memorable was the one about "Hank", the Clydesdale that trained hard to be promoted.

Our horses are our livelihood. We love and care for them as members of our own family. They spend most of their days on our ranch in Big Bear Valley enjoying the peacefulness and beauty of the San Bernardino mountains.


And our current canine hostess is Meisha, a blue merle Australian shepherd.

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